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B2B Podcasts

Podcasts offer a unique way for B2B businesses to get their point of view and messaging across. Whether it be through interviews, creative storytelling, or by taking on a traditional podcast format in a new light, there are options that suit every business.

Podcasts offer a great opportunity to profile key spokespeople within your company. They also allow for a deeper connection with listeners, adding a human touch to the stories you want to tell.

Fight or Flight believes that B2B doesn’t need to be boring. That’s why we work with our clients to take out the traditional whitepapers of old, and instead look to mediums like B2B podcasting to ensure that they engage with their target audience. We’ve managed to take topics like invoice fraud and ethics in pharma, and turn them in to award-winning podcasts with tens of thousands of downloads.

Want to get in touch and find out how Fight or Flight can help with your B2B podcast ideas? Email us at or use the contact form. See some of our favourite work below:

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    Medius - Accounts Deceivable

    Despite a huge rise in white collar fraud, most businesses still underestimate the effects it can have. This was Medius’ challenge: how could they cut-through to finance professionals, who think that fraud is something that happens to other companies?

    The answer? Fight or Flight produced the Accounts Deceivable podcast, presented in the popular narrative true-crime style. We interviewed three guests, all real-life perpetrators or victims of invoice fraud, to focus on the human impact of the crime.

    Since podcast launch, we’ve achieved:
    37,000+ downloads across all three episodes of Season One
    Average of 91% episode consumption
    10+ pending award nominations (B2B Marketing, The Drum, PR Week, PRCA)

    Interested? Listen to the podcast yourself on Apple or Spotify.

    Wolters Kluwer - Pharma Unlimited

    Global information services brand, Wolters Kluwer, wanted to focus on building recognition and familiarity within the pharma audience. After successfully launching their “Keep Pushing” campaign with Fight or Flight, they wanted to go a step further.

    Enter the Pharma Unlimited podcast. Fight or Flight secured some of the most engaging, sought-after speakers in the worlds of pharma, bio-tech and digital health. Hosted by Bertrand Bodson, ex-Digital Chief of Novartis, guests included Sir John Bell, lead of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and Dr Peter Lee, VP of Research and Incubations at Microsoft.

    Results spoke for themselves:
    600,000+ reach in the pharma and life sciences sector, across key markets in the US, UK and EMEA.
    Of those, over 10% were within top-tier pharma companies; including Bayer, GSK, Roche, Novartis, Pfizer and more.

    Listen to the podcast yourself on Apple or Spotify.