Our Apprentice Stories: Malachi

We’re proud to say that Fight or Flight has two apprentices currently employed under the PRCA apprenticeship scheme. The scheme itself runs over an 18 month period, where apprentices work full-time with an agency and receive regular catch ups from a PRCA assessor to make sure that everyone is on the right track.



We caught up with both of our apprentices – here’s Malachi’s story so far:

I started working at Fight or Flight on the 1st of November 2021 and made it a priority to have a one to one with each member of the team within the first few days – they were all very interesting and welcoming!

One of my favourite days was the first day I went into the office. I was met by a few members of the team and some awesome welcoming gifts, one of which was an official NFL football! Previously in one of my interview calls with the managing partners I mentioned my passion for football, and it was very special to me that they would remember and gift me something so personal.

It was then that I was sure I made the right decision in joining this company!

Before I started this apprenticeship, I was working a full-time job as a security guard. In a month, I would easily see over 50-hour weeks while working in quite a negative and static environment. This continued for well over a year.

There was no promise of progression at all. However, it did give me the time to remember that I still had an ambition beyond where I was – to study for an apprenticeship and work in an industry that challenges me. The university route didn’t interest me as I am more of a practical learner than theoretical. The PRCA apprenticeship programme worked out to be the best solution as it allowed me to learn as I work which I see as the most organic approach.

20% of my time spent at FoF must be dedicated towards my apprentice work. Therefore, working a five day week means that I needed to take a day to focus on tackling my PRCA work. I had agreed Tuesdays with my Line manager and it has been working a charm ever since. The PRCA staff are also very helpful, with my Coach Deborah giving me timely and consistent feedback after every submission, helping me every step of the way!

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