Fight or Flight launches new podcast, Gloves Off

Fronted by Head of Creative, Kate Sarginson, the Gloves Off podcast will reveal the good, bad and the ugly of creative B2B. Listen on Apple, Spotify and other podcast providers.

It’s an exciting time in B2B, as the number of creative campaigns being recognised is on the rise. With better time to start to life the lid on some of those campaigns than now?

We’re pleased to present the Gloves Off podcast, Fight or Flight’s first in-house produced podcast. Each episode is set to look at a different creative B2B campaign that FoF has worked on, alongside the journey that our clients have been on to help enable such campaigns.

Along the way, we’ll be answering some of the key questions that we hear every day: “How do B2B brands attract blockbuster audiences”? “How do marketers get the bravest ideas past the board”? We’re lifting the lid on these and more.

In the first episode of the podcast, we speak to the team at Roland DG about their 50 Shades of Ginger campaign. Roland’s bravery and push for creative B2B saw an idea spark from a little-known fact about their TrueVIS printers: they offer the widest printable range of orange and red inks. From that sparked the idea of a “ginger” colour index, allowing redheads – many of whom had no idea how to categorise their hair shade – to finally claim a colour of their own.

Hear more from the Roland team, as well as the FoFfers who helped drive the campaign, in the first episode of “Gloves Off”, available on Apple, Spotify or through the player below!

Interested in setting up your own B2B podcast? Find out how Fight or Flight can help your business on our dedicated podcast page.