Accounts Deceivable

Launching a true crime podcast for B2B AP Automation provider Medius

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Medius is a global provider of AP Automation, Payment and Anti-Fraud solutions, based across the United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, and beyond.

Despite a considerable rise in white collar crimes, many businesses still underestimate it. For Medius, this was a challenge. How do you sell fraud prevention to a buyer who thinks fraud is something that happens to somebody else?

Persuading buyers to invest in Medius’s clever software would first require them to believe fraud is a credible threat and, second, to think it could have a material impact on their business.

Introducing Accounts Deceivable

Medius needed to do more than communicate the rational benefits of its anti-fraud software. Potential buyers had to be reached emotionally to provoke them into seeing Medius as an essential purchase.

The solution? A hard-hitting, moving story that was impossible to forget, in the form of a true crime podcast, a mass audience channel that most B2B brands would never touch. Accounts Deceivable examined the human cost of financial fraud, asking: what does it take to commit a white-collar crime? And what does it feel like for victims to lose millions of dollars of company money?

The limited season consisted of three episodes, recorded on location in London, Los Angeles, Houston, Washington DC and San Francisco. Our guests? Three real-life victims and perpetrators of fraud tell their emotional stories of crimes that racked up to tens of millions of dollars.

Fight or Flight created a PR, social and influencer marketing campaign to support the podcast, utilising audio and video content to reach Medius’ key audience of finance professionals.

The Results

Since its launch in December 2022, Accounts Deceivable has received over 86,000 downloads across all podcast platforms, with a 91% completion rate – ensuring the Medius message and name achieved cut-through. On top of this, the podcast has charted amongst the top 150 business podcasts, alongside established names like CNBC and Bloomberg.

The business impact is clear too. 94% of US financial professionals who listened to the podcast say their perception of Medius’ technology has improved since they consumed the podcast – and 92% said they’re more inclined to buy Medius technology as a result.

The podcast has also picked up four awards in 2023, including Best Financial Services campaign at the PR Week Awards, Silver awards for PR Campaign and Content Marketing campaign at the B2B Marketing Awards, and Highly Commended in the B2B Campaign of the Year at the PRCA Awards.

Listen to the podcast and see our awards highlight reel below.

Accounts Deceivable Awards Reel